UPEC 2018

21 – 22 November 2018
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

The inaugural Malaysia Upstream Project Conference (UPEC 2018) hosted by Malaysia Petroleum Management (MPM), is a niche gathering of more than 400 developments heads and PMT leads from Operators, JV Partners and leading contractors in Malaysia to discuss issues and challenges in maximising project productivity, raising competency standards and adopting the latest technology-focused solutions to produce hydrocarbon faster, more efficiently, safely and more cost effectively.

UPEC 2018 aims to share upstream projects’ best practices, lessons learnt and cutting-edge technologies, processes, tools and methods to help increase productivity and lessen the Life-Cycle Cost.

The pilot edition of UPEC will be held from the 21st to 22nd November 2018. Don’t miss your opportunity to listen to industry leaders and subject matter experts as they address project challenges with a focus on achieving competitiveness through efficiency, competency and technology-focused  solutions.

Conference Format

  • Keynote Address
  • 4 Panel Sessions
  • 6 Parallel Technical Sessions
  • 2 Topical Luncheons



Lengthy low oil prices have resulted in industry-wide cost optimising initiatives, which is now the new reality that Upstream Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Hook-Up & Commissioning professionals are embracing. To further enhance productivity, the Upstream sector is now focusing on innovative solutions in competency and technology to deliver better quality projects in a cost-conscious and timely manner. The inaugural UPEC provides a platform for industry professionals to share best practices, tools, technology and processes for a more efficient, more cost-effective and safer execution of projects, ultimately positioning Malaysia as the Oil & Gas Services Equipment (OGSE) leader.



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Muhammad Zamri Jusoh, Vice President, Malaysia Petroleum Management The “lower for longer” norm we manage to endure today is not an overnight story. It is a compilation of numerous success and developmental recounts, compiled through our industry-wide collaboration agenda which effectively shaped our present and future. The previous episode taught us to embrace competitiveness beyond just survival. Moving forward, we need to redefine competitiveness into an agenda that is not inextricably tied to markets’ volatility. We will use technologies and tools that have never before been tried. We will learn from other industries to spark new ideas and to challenge the status quo. We will integrate innovation into our norms, exploit and enhance more data for augmented data analytics. We will move en bloc to make Malaysia as an attractive oil & gas destination and world-class hub for OGSE.
Hasliza Othman, Chairman UPEC 2018 It is our aspiration that through UPEC 2018, the upstream operators and partners will be able to have a constructive dialogue to enhance the competitiveness in engineering, fabrication, installation and hook-up. The subject of competitiveness should not only dwell on cost-cutting measures alone. It may bring immediate impact but the solution is rather a stop gap than a sustainable one. We need to uplift our discussion to include technologies, digital tools and processes as a measures to improve productivity and increase workforce capability.

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