Tuesday 13 December 2022
Premier Dialogue 2: Project Management in the Era of Sustainability

Joop is President of IPMA since 2021 and a member of the Executive Board of IPMA since 2017. He has over 20 years of experience in building and changing complex organisations up to over 800 employees based on a clear vision and objective. His passion is to develop and improve project management.

Joop is a decisive and result-oriented entrepreneur with a focus on the future and possible improvements. He realises complex changes, recognises opportunities and is able to steer others in such a way that a translation is made from vision to reality. Joop is strong in starting projects in which the intended purpose of the change, expertise and professional development are central. He communicates honestly and to the point, is independent and has preponderance. He is in his element when structures or procedures need to be put in place or critical comments need to be made.

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