iCEP Profession Profiles Executive Chairman, Dialog Group Berhad Tan Sri Dr. Ngau Boon Keat

Tan Sri Dr. Ngau Boon Keat

Executive Chairman, Dialog Group Berhad

  1. What sets your organisation apart from other oil & gas companies?

For the past 30 years, DIALOG has built its name as a leading technical services provider in the oil and gas industry. Our expertise enables us to span our businesses in downstream, midstream and upstream sectors and what sets us apart is also the fact that we have strategically progressed to have equity ownership in tank terminals and investments in marginal and mature oil fields. Moreover, DIALOG is currently developing Southeast Asia’s first deepwater petroleum terminal in Pengerang, Malaysia, a 5 million m3 storage facility that will serve as a catalyst to propel Pengerang to become a regional petroleum and petrochemical hub.


  1. How would you describe your management style in ensuring the proper direction of the company?

In the past, I used to be very hands on in the business but today I have managed to groom a very capable team to help me run the day to day operations in DIALOG. This enables me take on a strategist role where together with my team, we look at things strategically in leading the business and identifying business opportunities leveraging on our competitive advantage.


  1. What are some of the major achievements that your company has accomplished under your guidance and direction?

When we first started the business in 1984, DIALOG was established as a technical and construction services company with RM100,000 paid up capital. Over the years, we built our reputation within the oil and gas industry and gained trust and confidence from our business partners including international players such as PETRONAS, Shell, Royal Vopak, Halliburton, Roc Oil, Trafigura and others. As a result, we rapidly grew and within 12 years, we were listed with a market capitalisation of RM55 million. As at January 2014, Dialog Group Berhad has over RM8billion market capitalisation and 2,600 personnel in 12 countries. Today, DIALOG has developed into a leading oil and gas integrated services provider in Malaysia. We have also progressed to be asset owner in tank terminals to enable us enjoy recurring income on a long term basis. Apart from that, we have investments in mature and marginal oil fields as well which we believe will give us an excellent return in the long run. Currently, we are developing Southeast Asia’s first deepwater petroleum terminal in Pengerang, Malaysia and this project will definitely make a mark in the global arena once it completes.

All these in the span of 30 years from the very first day we began operating and I believe Dialog Group Berhad will scale even greater heights in the future.


  1. As a well-known company, what are the core values and secrets for success that your organisation thrives on to get to where it is today?

The Company was built with the principle that we must always honour our commitment to deliver quality and timely job completion as well as unfailing protection of health, safety and the environment, in the provision of our services. We have consistently obtained recognition from our business partners for the excellent work that we have delivered and from thereon we built our reputation within the industry leading to where we are today.


  1. Being at the helm of the organisation, what are some of the challenges that you have faced in steering the company towards its desired direction?

Over the years, the biggest challenge for us is retaining and developing our talent of the right calibre to execute our strategies and deliver on our commitments. We recognise that our people are our greatest asset in DIALOG and in order for us to continue to grow and sustain our business, we believe in investing to build a sustainable talent pool for the future of our business.


  1. Tell us a bit about the key products and services of your organisation.

Throughout the oil and gas industry, DIALOG is a highly regarded and respected integrated technical services provider. Our business is underpinned by its 7 core business segments, namely (1)Upstream Services, (2)Logistic Services – Tank Terminals & Supply Base, (3)Specialist Products & Services, (4)EPCC, (5)Fabrication, (6)Plant Maintenance & Catalyst Handling Services, and (7)ePayment Technology and Solutions, to enable us readily serve a diverse range of customers that include multinational oil majors and national oil companies around the world.


  1. Moving forward, what are your company’s visions and aspirations for the future?

We will strive to strengthen our position as a leading integrated technical services provider and will increase our strategic investments in the oil and gas industry which will give DIALOG recurring income in the long run.