Ts Anwarudin Saidu Mohamed

Honorary Secretary
The Malaysian Oil, Gas and Energy Services Council (MOGSC)

OGSE sector is the pillar of strength to overall Oil & Gas Ecosystem. As such, its ability to adapt in changing landscape while thriving to deliver Quality product and services is crucial. This is the key enabler to ensure resilience of the industry and our ability as Industry to derive maximum value from Hydrocarbon Resources and Assets for the nation. In doing so, deliverance and excellence becomes critical in safeguarding competitiveness of our ecosystem as a whole.

However, it is also important to ensure sufficient focus and the right locus including but not limited fair opportunities and landscape is available for OGSE players to continuously raise the bar and excel. This becomes a necessity to ensure progressive ecosystem can be nurtured and shaped.

Collectively, as an ecosystem of Operators and OGSE sector can synergise and progressively enhance respective capabilities in areas such as Projects, Operations, Maintenance, Decommissioning and etc, where everyone plays a symbiotic role and create shared success.

Ts Anwarudin is currently the Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer at Reservoir Link Energy Bhd spearheading the business growth in key areas in aspiration of building progressive corporation providing global solutions in upstream O&G and Energy market.

Previously he had served various Multinational and National organizations both in Service Segment and Hydrocarbon Producers. He had been an active member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) since 2004. He is currently the SPE KL section Chairman and the recipient of the 2014 Asia Pacific Region Outstanding Young Member Award, 2018 Regional Service Award, 2020 Public Service Award and 2021 Technical Award for Production Operations. He is the member of SPE Asia Pacific Regional Technical Advisory Committee. He also the current Honorary Secretary of Malaysia Oil and Gas Service Council and Founding Member/Treasurer/ Board Member of Petroleum & Energy Cooperative Berhad. In the capacity of MOGSC, he actively advocates for sustainability of OGSE ecosystem. He was very active in advocating to spur innovation and commercialization culture among OGSE players and founded a platform for various stakeholders to elevate local innovators via OGSE Innovation Award.
He is a registered member of BEM and Professional Technologist and assessor registered with MBOT. He is also board member of Trustee of PETRONAS University of Technology. He also serves as Industry Advisory Panellist for UiTM, UniKL, UMP, UCSI and UTP. He actively shares Industry best practices to young generation as an Adjunct Lecturer in University of Malaya and UTP. Ts Anwarudin holds B.sc (Hons) Mechanical with minor in petroleum from UTP and Msc in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College London.

Throughout 19 years of his experience in Oil and Gas industry, he had developed various technologies in the sector primarily in Hydrocarbon Production and Operations with special interest in IOR and Flow Assurance. He had published numerous SPE papers, articles, and journals on application of technologies in production operations and sat as publication review committee on various conferences, symposium, and workshops. His career experience span across operation management, R&D, application engineering, Strategic Sales & Marketing, Corporate strategy, and Business Development. He is a vivid technocrat, spearheading and continuing to build his organization to develop local talents can strive to value add to national hydrocarbon asset and continue to pursue new areas of technology applications in energy industry.

Malaysia Upstream Project Excellence Conference (UPEC) 2023

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