“An innovative solutions partner, enriching lives through global connections for a sustainable future”
Guided by our Statement of Purpose, iCEP is uniquely positioned to deliver total event solutions to its clients. Our Statement of Purpose defines iCEP’s function as it continues the pursuit of delivering superior stakeholder experience.
Driven by the passion behind our people, iCEP strives to deliver extraordinary events through creativity and continuous innovation. We aim to go above and beyond to cater to our stakeholders’ needs, from curation of content to realisation of concepts to produce value enhancing solutions meeting the objectives of our clients.

iCEP takes pride in adherence to responsible corporate governance. To realise this, we have in place company processes governing our business activities, and exercise great transparency in our operations. iCEP strongly advocates compliance to its process and procedures, and our people are bound by the company’s Code of Business Ethics in ensuring responsibility and accountability at all levels.
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