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iCEP is open to work with innovative solution partners in delivering enriching conferences and events. Register with iCEP for an opportunity to collaborate, and our procurement personnel will be in touch.
Careers at iCEP

We’re always keeping an eye out for exceptional individuals, start your future here.

No positions available at the moment. Kindly check back later as we expand our team.

  • Executive, Platform Management
    Job Summary
    We are looking for like-minded professionals to support iCEP’s objective to remain relevant by embracing digital features to stay connected, gain brand awareness and brand loyalty with current and potential customers, while offering personalised value to them.

    Key Accountabilities

    1. Application Development
      • Support or lead the deployment of Event Management applications and Event App for events.
      • Support or lead other internal applications such as HR and Procurement systems.
      • Define and develop work-process for automation initiatives.
      • Develop & configure new or existing (for enhancement) applications for internal and external usage.
      • Establish protocols for applications to ensure ease of use for users.

     2. Feasibility Study 
      • Conduct feasibility study on selections of application and propose the most suitable solution for the company.
      • Procure and manage applications that will contribute to the success automation initiatives.
      • Conduct discussion and engagement for user requirement.

    3. Application Support
      • Provide technical support to internal and external users by mitigating issues and providing technical solutions.
      • Provide Reporting on progress of application development projects or operational issues to supervisor senior management, end-users, and stakeholders.

  • Executive, Marketing
    Job Summary
    Execute and support Marketing Department for iCEP. Encompasses of formulation of marketing strategy and the management of stakeholder relationship & strategic alliance amongst PETRONAS business units, international and local Oil & Gas and Energy companies for participation and support in international and domestic conference and exhibition by formulating the stakeholder strategy management framework, maintaining and shaping positive relationships with critical stakeholders for iCEP and PETRONAS business to establish credibility as well to ensure achievement of the overall objectives and goals of marketing department in maximising profits, value creations and sustainability for iCEP.

    Key Accountabilities

    1. Marketing Strategy & Planning
      • Develop and execute marketing strategies aligned with company goals and market insights.
      • Manage campaign budgets and track return on investment (ROI).
      • Identify and analyse emerging market trends and adapt strategies accordingly.

     2. Market Research & Analysis
      • Conduct market research to understand customer needs, competitor landscape, and industry trends.
      • Analyse data to inform product development, messaging and targeting strategies.
      • Translate data into actionable insights for the Marketing team.

    3. Product & Brand Positioning
      • Develop and refine brand messaging and positioning for targeted audiences.
      • Ensure consistent brand voice across all marketing channels.
      • Implement & monitor website, social media analytics to measure campaign performance.

    4. Digital Marketing 

      • Manage and optimise paid advertising campaigns (PPC, social media) for maximum reach and engagement.
      • Develop and execute effective social media strategies & content calendars.
      • Implement and monitor website analytics to measure campaign performance.

    5. Collateral & Materials

      • Create high-quality marketing materials across print and digital formats, including brochures, presentations and website content.
      • Manage the brand asset library and ensure consistent brand visuals.
      • Collaborate with designers and copywriters to develop compelling marketing materials.

    6. Sponsorship & Partnerships
      • Identify and develop strategic partnership that align with company goals and to collaborate with Partnership and Content Strategy team.
      • Manage sponsorship arrangement and negotiate terms.
      • Evaluate the effectiveness of sponsorship campaigns and produce report on ROI.

  • Executive, Exhibition Operation
    Job Summary
    Propose, execute and coordinate overall exhibitions operations which includes pre-exhibition planning and on-site management of all operational aspects, managing the appointed vendors to achieve show operations results that meet the required standard, managing the special project that involve exhibition build-up and consult client and manage their expectation to ensure to ensure the exhibition and sponsorship plans are executed and aligned with PETRONAS and iCEP business philosophy and orientation.

    Key Accountabilities

    1. Sales & Marketing
      • Plan and implement sales and marketing efforts and initiatives which includes competitor’s analysis, market segmentation, sales, promotions and customer relationship management through road-shows, use of marketing channels, effective sales force and appointed agencies to maximise business revenue and company’s profit.

     2. On-Site Management
      • Propose, execute and coordinate the overall on-site exhibition build-up construction & exhibition requirements and ensure all the necessary infrastructure, equipment, application of relevant permits/licenses from local authorities/ government agencies, management of exhibition activities is successfully implemented.
      • Deliver customer service excellence and resolve exhibitors and sponsors issues. Act as a liaison between the stakeholders (internal & external) and the contractors from the conceptualisation of ideas to execution. To liaise with clients, internal company’s resources and suppliers as directed, professionally, efficiently and on time.
      • Enhance, implement and monitor the system which include the Exhibitor and Visitor Registration System and the Exhibitor e-Manual to improve exhibitors’ and visitors’ overall experience.
      • Execute all operation activities for exhibition and sponsorship which include preparing and monitoring operational exhibition budgets, keeping costs firmly under control, negotiate and achieve profit targets through cost savings, liaise with external providers for obtaining quotes and conduct full tender process to ensure internal processes are adhered with and on pre-agreed timelines.

    3. Stakeholder Management
      • Organise and conduct VIP assistance and protocol for our valuable stakeholders as well as execute the stakeholder strategy and engagement activities as per plan.

    4. Exhibition Management
      • Propose, execute and coordinate exhibition effort which consists of research on potential new exhibitors, negotiate with potential exhibitors, implement and monitor renewals, communicate with exhibitors and implement sponsorship and exhibition strategy to help iCEP increase its credibility and maintain/improve iCEP’s brand awareness.
      • Ensure all deliverables to stakeholders are met within stipulated time and cost.
      • Research, gather and analyse data on exhibition, to upkeep and maintain the data to become more systematic and can be easily managed, accessed and utilised for quick and informed decision making.
      • Prepare benchmarking exercise on exhibition through collecting and analysing data information and stays up-to-date on market best practices and implementation as necessary for right exhibition positioning to stay relevant and contribute to the success of iCEP in the long run.

    5. Contract Management 
      • Prepare, execute and monitor the overall business collaboration agreement and contracting strategy which include to evaluate, review and recommend suitable contractors/third-parties, establishing and maintaining strong relationship with them while tracking and review their performance to ensure effective implementation and compliance to contractual requirements as well as to protect company’s interests and exposure.
  • Executive, Corporate Communications
    Job Summary
    Implement iCEP’s Strategic Communications plans for internal and external stakeholders through research, analysis, benchmark current trends and development of communications playbook, plans and strategies, promotional materials, public relation communication activities, evaluating marketing campaigns, management of communication channels and stakeholders to add value and strengthen iCEP’s brand and reputation in the market.

    Key Accountabilities

    1. Corporate Communications
      • Research, analyse, and implement effective communication plans, public relation communication activities, communications playbook & other initiatives for internal and external communications ensuring clarity of communication for iCEP and our flagship events resulting in a positive public image of the company.

    2. Media Management
      • Research, study and establish press releases to targeted media, network and build relationship with media stakeholders, monitor media platforms including newspaper, magazines, journals, broadcasts and newswires to seek opportunities to elevate iCEP’s reputation and the events it organises locally and internationally.

    3. Management of Communication Channels
      • Research, analyse and benchmark current trends for all communication channels, arrange effective distribution of promotional materials, evaluate marketing campaigns and monitor and analyse competitors’ activities to reach out to targeted audience and attract the right participants for conferences and exhibitions organised by iCEP.

    4. Stakeholder Management
      • Liaise, network and maintain good working relationship and rapport with relevant stakeholders by syndicating and engaging with them for updated information which will be incorporated in various communication platforms to elevate iCEP related event’s brand presence and to further help build and strengthen its reputation.

    5. Promotional Materials
      • Research, benchmark and implement the production of promotional material and related activities to establish and maintain company’s presence in the market and promote iCEP’s brand as an innovative solutions partner through its flagship events.
  • Executive, Brand & Reputation
    Job Summary
    Execute iCEP’s Strategic Communications plans for internal and external stakeholders through research, analysis, benchmark current trends and development and execution of communication and brand reputation strategies, ensuring compliance to brand guidelines and communications governance are in place, develop and manage Public Relation communication activities, plans and schedules, and manage stakeholders to improve and maintain public perceptions and create brand loyalty, brand credibility and elevate the stature of iCEP’s brand and reputation.

    Key Accountabilities

    1. Corporate Communications
      • Delivery of iCEP’s key messages through research, study and propose for the implementation of effective communication plans and schedules, public relation communication activities for internal and external communications and develop content for website and facilitate communication messages from senior leadership to strengthen, elevate and amplify iCEP’s brand as an innovative and progressive solutions partner.

    2. Brand Management
      • Support iCEP’s brand building efforts through research, analysis, implement and execute brand plans, monitor market trends and conduct competitive strategic analysis for the brand, effective brand positioning, areas of improvement for the brand and execute promotional activities to promote iCEP’s brand growth and the events that it organises with the end in mind to build credibility and have a competitive advantage in the market.

    3. Brand & Communications Governance
      • Monitor and ensure brand compliance in all communication by ensuring consistent branding and compliance to branding guidelines to ensure a seamless and consistent branding experience to improve and maintain public perceptions and create brand loyalty, brand credibility and increase brand equity of iCEP's brand and the events it organises.

    4. Reputation Management
      • Study, analyse and develop brand reputation plans by promoting and marketing the reputation of iCEP’s brand, develop reputation crisis management plan, study and monitor brand reputation across the media and internet to elevate iCEP’s brand presence to create a positive, reliable and trustworthy brand image of the company and the events it organises.

    5. Stakeholder Management 
      • Build and maintain good working relationship and rapport with relevant stakeholders through syndication and engagement for updated information which will be incorporated in various communication platforms to elevate iCEP related event’s brand presence and to further help build and strengthen its reputation.
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Internship Placements Available

In nurturing bright talents, iCEP is offering internship placements to students with the following backgrounds:

  • Event Management
  • IT, Statistics, Data Science or equivalent
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Planning & Research

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