Malaysia Upstream
Project Excellence Conference (UPEC) 2023

Elevating Upstream Project Excellence
to Deliver Malaysia's Advantaged Energy

20 - 21 November 2023

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia

Unlocking Malaysia's Path to
Project Delivery Excellence

The second edition of UPEC continues to be the launchpad in bringing together speakers whose collective knowledge have successfully navigated the intricacies of upstream exploration and production, shaping the industry's future with groundbreaking innovations and sustainable practices.

Elevating Upstream Project Excellence to Deliver Malaysia's Advantaged Energy

The appetite for energy continues to grow, and as we look towards the future, meeting this ever-increasing demand remains a predominant challenge. While the transition to sustainable energy sources is underway, the importance of oil and gas capital projects in fulfilling our current and future energy requirements cannot be overstated. Oil and gas capital projects will remain of paramount importance in meeting the global energy demand. Its ability to provide reliable energy and offer a bridge to sustainable alternatives is indispensable. However, post-pandemic ripples left an imprint on an ever-changing industry – projects are vying for valuable resources while being strained by volatile commodities and geopolitical issues. It is then critical to recalibrate and restrengthen certain areas of Malaysia's Upstream Capital Projects to continuously ensure our ability to deliver Malaysia's advantaged energy at an even better benchmark and performance in order to balance the need for higher production against market challenges. This action, however, would require the entire ecosystem to be onboard by moving in the same direction and pace.
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Connect, collaborate, and innovate to elevate project delivery
excellence towards a progressive Upstream ecosystem

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Sub Topics
Project Delivery
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    Analysing project delivery performance using benchmarking to gain competitive advantage to achieve greater success and resilience in project execution within Malaysia's landscape. Concurrently, simplifying and accelerating project execution will bring various improvements by delivering value efficiently and effectively.

    • Project Performance and Benchmarking
    • Cost Efficiency & Schedule Performance
    • Cost & Value Engineering
    • Innovative Contracting Strategy
    • Simplification and Standardisation
    • Trade Agreement & Challenges to Projects Delivery
    • Agile and Lean Project Management
    • HSE, Regulatory, Governance and Compliance

Oil & Gas Services and
Equipment (OGSE)
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    Addressing Oil and Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE) related issues affecting the Project Delivery as well as identification of work optimisation and efficiency improvement.
    • Oil & Gas Industry Gap and Challenges
    • HSE and Regulatory Governance and Compliance
    • Trade Agreement & Challenges to Project Delivery
    • Offshore Construction Performance Norms and Practices
    • Technological Innovation & Future Trends
    • QAQC Improvement and Innovation
    • Performance Challenges Post Pandemic

Integrated Resources
Planning for Excellent
Project Delivery
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    Integrated approach in managing resources for the oil and gas industry is crucial to increase supply and demand in parallel with adoption of new digitalisation systems & automation that will enhance project delivery and avoid activity disruptions.
    • Digitalisation for Integration and Greater Collaboration
    • Data Driven Project Management
    • Talent Development and Upskilling
    • Integrated Approach to Procurement and Contracting
    • Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)
    • Transportation & Installation (T&I)
    • Hook Up & Commissioning (HUC)

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Malaysia Upstream Project Excellence Conference (UPEC) 2023

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